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Natural Cures for Warts – Four Natural Methods To Remove Warts Permanently

Natural cures for warts using natural remedies is the most effective way of making warts go away. Most home care treatment of warts using various techniques just make warts to go away for a  short while but there various methods one can use to make sure warts disappear from your life for good.

Warts are small patches of growth on the skin caused by the human papilloma virus that mostly occur in clusters or singly. They can be found any where in the body but are very common on the skin that is exposed to friction or abrasion often in areas like the hands, forearms, knees and the face. It is for this reason that warts are also found around the genital area. They are usually pink or red in color and resemble tiny heads of a cauliflower.

There are various products available in most chemists or pharmacies to counter the spread of warts from one part to another. It becomes quite embarrassing for one for one going to a pharmacy to buy a product for genital warts over the counter. But one has to realize that wart is something foreign in your body that has to be destroyed and so to avoid this awkwardness one can switch to natural cures for warts in the comfort of their own home.

Firstly, one can use tea tree oil for best results. Tee tree has been a cure for many skin conditions and warts is one of them. Patients just need to simply wipe the wart and its surrounding area with a cotton wool dipped in tee tree oil. This should be done for a few weeks and the warts will disappear.

Another treatment one can use is the castor oil. Castor oil is very common as it’s easy to use and this makes it very popular. The patient shall also need to apply it using a cotton swap to the affected areas for about two weeks and applied at least twice a day. After the two weeks the patient will notice that the warts are disappearing or have completely disappeared.

Another common remedy is removing warts using sour apples. The patient can either use a slice of a sour apple or the juice itself to remove warts. Any brand of soar apple can be used as one just needs to use a few drops that are placed on a cotton wool and applied to the region affected. For the slice just rub it on the area at least three times a day.

Warts can also be removed using baking soda. Baking soda has been known to remove warts but with a combination of other different products. It is usually mixed with other ingredient such as vinegar, cider or castor oil. This is one of the most effective ways of warts removal hence many patients have been known to turn to it.

Natural Cures for Warts can easily be employed as they include simple home care products that one can easily acquire. For further information on other natural cures for warts that include use of onion juice and use of dandelion roots, you need “Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal Guide“. The Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal Guide is your perfect companion when it comes to the removal of your warts and moles, so that you can really have a great life, free from the problems of these skin problems



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