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How to Remove Moles on Face Naturally

Remove moles on face can do without surgery and in natural ways. It is quite expensive to remove moles using a professional mole remover and at times that can leave behind scars. Natural ways proof to be effective, safely and permanently remove moles on face without scars. The best thing is cheap and can be do at your home.

Here we provide you with some essential natural ways to remove moles on face.

  • Some of the natural products that you may need in mole removal include pineapple, fig stems, hot water, cauliflowers, Castor oil, garlic, honey and vinegar. Any of the above items can be used singly to remove face moles.
  • For cauliflower, blend it to make some juice. Use the moles to rub the moles on a daily basis until your skin starts peeling off on its own.
  • For pineapple, also blend to make some juice and apply the juice onto the moles on a daily basis until all the moles completely disappear. Of importance to note is that, when using pineapple juice to remove moles, the juice must be fresh and therefore, you may be required to prepare it on a daily basis until the moles completely disappear.
  • For garlic, grind it until it makes a paste. Cover the moles with the paste and use a bandage to hold the paste onto the moles. This should be done on a daily basis preferably before going to bed and removing the paste in the morning until the moles are all removed.
  • For vinegar and hot water. Wash or clean the moles using the hot water, allow the skin to dry before applying vinegar onto the moles at least 5 times in a day. Every time you apply the vinegar, allow it time to sit for about 10 minutes before washing off with using cold water.
  • For castor oil, rub it gently onto the moles for a number of days until they disappear in their own. With honey, simply apply the honey on a daily basis.
  • With the fig stems, prepare some juice from the stems and us it to apply onto the moles on a daily basis until all moles are completely removed.

Although the  remedies are effective ways to get rid of moles, it will take you a very long time before you finally start seeing results, the mole removing process and time may vary depending on individuals.  Furthermore, they are not capable of addressing the root causes of moles so they cannot prevent moles from coming back. Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal is a great alternative because it acts as a non-surgical and all-natural system that will allow you to say goodbye to annoying moles for good.

Among all the natural ways to remove moles on face,  Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal is the only treatment option that can remove moles without leaving behind any sign of scarring.



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